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Biological Cropping

Organic Cropping / Sustainable NPK Cropping Systems...


Many great advances have been made in broad acre cropping over the last 50years, however we still find sustainability an issue. We have more sophisticated technology and chemistry at our fingertips than ever before, yet still productivity declines, costs rise and pests build in number like never before.


Eco-Growth believes Soil fertility is the heart of all sustainable farming systems. We manufacture fertilisers designed to give balanced nutrition though controlled delivery and soil improvement.

Broad Acre Granular Mineral Fertilisers

Blended compound mineral / NPK

1ton Bulka bag & Bulk Loads

Custom Blending available - minimum quantities apply

Custom Blends

Lupins, Canola, Wheat, Hay... Soft Rock Phosphate, Rock Minerals,

Lignite, Potassium Silicates, DAP, SOP, Kieserite...

If you require 50 to +500tons, Why not have your fertiliser tailored to your individual crop and soil type!

Eco-growth offers an extensive service to tailor your fertilisers to suit. Including Bulk Liquid Fertilisers

Prime Granular & Biological Brochure (PDF)

It's food for your soil

We believe it is essential to maintain nutrition levels, but also that excess / unbalanced nutrition brings no additional benefit other than potential plant weakness and pest attack.

Fertiliser must work for this crop this season and also should Fertilise (improve) your soil for the longer term.

Each Farm should be fertilised to crop and soil requirement (within practical limits) to ensure maximum cost benefit is delivered.

Eco-Growth specializes in dealing with difficult soils, with issues such as:

  • Salinity
  • High Reactive Iron
  • Aluminium toxicity
  • Stubborn pH
  • Fertiliser leaching
  • Unproductive sterile soils


Please contact us to disucuss farm specific requirements

Eco-Prime PhosPot  BFA ✓ (PDF)

Ever wonder what happens when you get soil in balance... This is the difference when a fertiliser improves your soil:

Eco-Growth Product & Analysis Brochure (PDF)

Support & Service

Comprehensive Soil Testing

On going research and development

Eco-Growth and Superior fertilisers, form Australias oldest Granular Rock Mineral fertiliser manufacturer; responsible for pioneering mineral fertiliser microbial inoculation, Carbon Coated controlled release Urea

(Ex-Ipswich) and many other biological innovations. Current innovations include...


Ecoprime fertiliser in this video has been altered to match crop and soil conditions, based on customer soil analysis. What you see is the result of improved soil chemical and structural balance, resulting in improved biological activity. This is the begining of long term sustainable agriculture.


An imediate solution for non-wetting sands! Eco-Wet is a multi tasking wetting agent, that wet's spreads and holds moisture in sands and gravels. Read on to learn more Eco-Wet Brochure. On-going innovation includes subsoil moisture retention, spread and retention of fertiliser such as UAN and more.

Biological Seed Coating development Trials

Product development and innovation is on-going with industry partners, utilising fully independent randomised field trials. Work includes improving growth in low moisture conditions, cropping in sodic soils, Bio-technical development of microbial disease seed dressings for rhizoctonia prevention.