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Healthy Gardens = Healthy People

A Garden is many things, a place of tranquility and sanctuary, somewhere safe for the kids to play and a place to grow healthy, nutritious, flavorsome fruit and vegetables like we remember.


However it's a sad fact that despite good intentions, more fertiliser leaches into the environment per square meter from poorly managed home gardens, than from your average Farm or Golf Course (despite it's lush appearance). In fact most farmers can't afford to apply fertiliser at the rates used on home gardens!


Eco-Growth has established a reputation of producing healthy fertilisers designed to enhance your garden with natural organic / eco-friendly products that will grow healthy strong plants, build your soils natural fertility and protect the environment.


Our fertilisers are manufactured from natural materials (many registered organic) that belong in the environment as part of the natural soil building process, including rock minerals, humates, beneficial microbes and enzymes.

Updated Garden Range Brochure (PDF)

Eco-Growth Garden Products

Special thanks to the Dawsons Garden World team for all their hard work and fantastic plant display at the Perth Garden Festival! Together we took Gold!


Thanks also to Matt & Rae of Curtin FM's

Let's talk Gardening show, for their broadcast and on ground support. Keep up the good work guys!

Perth Garden Festival



Liquid Organic Fertiliser

for foliar and soil application, put this against the leading seaweed product on the market and decide for yourself.



Concentrated Soil Wetter

Designed for extremely non-wetting soils, wet's, spreads and retains water + fertiliser.

Prime Garden


Rock Mineral based Fertiliser

containing all the benefits of Naturally rock dust minerals and Beneficial Biology, plus Nitrogen & Selenium for general garden use.

WA Packaging laws

Now legislate minimum Nitrogen to Phosphorus levels in packaged fertiliser for home gardeners. This effectively means we can no longer sell registered organic fertilisers such as our "Organic Minerals" product to home gardeners unless we add Urea, WHICH WE WILL NOT.

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Emerald Lawns


Containing natural Rock Minerals, enhanced with beneficial biology.

This NPK Lawn fertiliser is designed to colour and thicken lawn, providing a durable even hard-wearing lawn surface.