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Product & Analysis Brochure (PDF)

Eco-Prime Emerald lawn fertiliser is designed to colour and thicken the lawn. This product is unique in its ability to hold the lawn colour for prolonged periods of time


Eco-Prime Red lawn starter fertiliser is a root promoter for lawn farms, which generates quick early root development


Express NK is a liquid lawn food for fertigation and boom application where quick growth is required


Eco-Wet is a fast acting long lasting soil wetter, that spreads water laterally and improves fertiliser uptake


Eco-Vital is a trace supplement and natural stimulant that hardens up the turf promoting durability in harsh conditions


Liquid VHumus+BA microbes is a biological stimulant that promotes rapid root growth and repair. Essential for young vine establishment in poor soils


Humus400 is a solid soil conditioner used to increase water holding in the soil profile and buffer nutrient loss. This product can also be used to moderate heavy soils and aid sodium removal. Can also be used to release bound phosphorus in high reactive iron and aluminium rich soils.

Turf Laying Instructions Brochure (PDF)

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Melville Glades Golf Course

250Kg/Ha Emerald 10Lt/Ha Eco-Wet

Eco-Prime Emerald  brochure

Commercial Turf Fertiliser


Strong on color, soft on the Environment, Epp Emerald is a controlled release biological fertiliser that promotes strong healthy root growth and hardwearing grass surface.


Available 25Kg, 40x25Kg pallet, 1ton bulka bags

We believe the secret of good turf is...

We believe the secret of good turf is growing strong-roots. Whether maintaining a lawn, or growing roll-on turf, good root mass is essential to the presentation and longevity of the grass surface.

Eco-Growth has designed a range of products with this in mind, with our focus as always being on the soil in order to ensure maximum nutrient retention and availability

Humus 400

Soil Conditioner


Increases water and nutrient retention, buffers salt, and improves soil structure.

Eco-Prime Red

Turf Starter


Starter fertiliser for very rapid root development after turf lifted. Ideal were turf is hard to knit.

Cowaramup Show Oval

250Kg/Ha EPP Emerald

Superior Lawns (Turf farms WA) Easy rolling turf grass, EPP Red, finished with EPP Emerald.

Manjimup High School

250Kg/Ha EPP Emerald